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What is it?

Softisenil is an effective remedy for fungus, which is intended to treat the skin of the feet and remove signs such as dry heels, the appearance of cracks and calluses on them. The drug has the form of a cream, it is placed in a tube, the dosage is 50 ml, and this volume is enough to complete the full therapeutic course. The product has antifungal, healing, softening, moisturizing and nourishing properties. The product has a high quality certificate. The drug can be used by men and women. The product does not cause addiction or other aggravating consequences, because it consists of 100% ingredients of natural origin.

How it works?

The active substances of Softisenil cream stop the growth and reproduction of fungal microflora, which prevents the transition of mycosis from the acute phase to the chronic form. The product starts the healing mechanism of wounds and prevents them from developing into a more aggravated form. Removes redness, pain and burning as it has a slight cooling effect. Softens the skin of the feet, normalizes its structure and shade. Restores the integrity of the nail plates, regulates the activity of the sweat glands, which helps avoid unpleasant foot odor.

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How to use?

Apply the cream to clean, dry skin of the feet.
Softisenil should be distributed only after hygiene procedures have been completed. For 1 application, use a small amount of consistency. Rub the cream into the skin of the feet, paying special attention to the nails and spaces between the toes. Leave the drug to absorb, do not wash it off the skin.


Reapply the drug after 12 hours.

Softisenil is intended for use 2 times a day. Each time the product must be intensively rubbed into the skin of the feet. The same time interval must be observed between morning and evening use of the cream.


Complete a full course of treatment for fungus.

Softisenil is intended for use for 1 month. Signs of fungus are eliminated earlier, but therapy must be completed completely.



Vitamin-mineral complex

Relieves skin inflammation, normalizes cell structure, prevents the spread of the infectious and inflammatory process to healthy areas of the legs. Strengthens nails and prevents them from splitting; disinfects the skin, removes the unpleasant odor that usually comes from the feet when they are fungal.

Medicinal plant extracts

Relieves skin inflammation, normalizes cell structure, prevents the spread of the infectious and inflammatory process to healthy areas of the legs. Strengthens nails and prevents them from splitting; disinfects the skin, removes the unpleasant odor that usually comes from the feet when they are fungal.

Natural oils

They soften the tissues of the feet, remove keratinized particles from the heels, and promote the quick and safe removal of calluses. They normalize the condition and appearance of nails, making them strong, smooth, and light.

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  • Delivery - 5-7 days
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  • Mycosis of the feet and nails.
  • Signs: thickening and yellowness of nails, unpleasant odor from the feet, the presence of rough, rough areas and cracks on the heels; redness of the feet and interdigital spaces.
  • The desire to eliminate nail and foot fungus by using a natural rather than a synthetic product.
  • No positive result from the use of a pharmaceutical antifungal drug.


  • Allergic reaction to the components of Softisenil anti-fungal cream.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Breastfeeding period.
  • The presence of autoimmune and oncological processes in the body.
  • Under 18 years of age.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use?

It is absolutely safe to use this dietary supplement if you follow the manufacturer's instructions and carefully study the contraindications

How long does delivery take?

Average delivery time from 3 to 8 days depending on where you live

Can Softisenil be bought at a pharmacy?

No, our dietary supplements are sold only on this site. If you saw it in a store or pharmacy - do not buy it, as it is a fake

Are there side effects?

There were no other side effects other than those we have described.

Customer Reviews

Mckenzie Kautzer

“Softisenil is a good cream, thanks to which I successfully got rid of the fungus and started wearing open shoes again. The drug is quickly absorbed and very quickly removes the signs of mycosis. I didn’t even expect that it didn’t contain a single synthetic component, but it turned out that this product consists entirely of natural ingredients. Definitely, such a high-quality product deserves a positive review.”


Mr. Wilfredo Hagenes

“I didn’t know the signs of fungus, but one day I went with the guys to the sauna, and they said that I had exactly that disease. My friends also advised me what to use to remove this infection, and recommended Softisenil. The drug really turned out to be useful - my skin began to improve very quickly, and I did not experience any complications. The treatment has already been completed, and now there are no red spots on my legs or yellow defects on my nails. I liked everything about this cream.”


Noah Walter Sr.

“The nails became stained and gradually began to deteriorate. I learned from a doctor friend that this is how fungus manifests itself. I also received a recommendation regarding treatment from the same doctor. The doctor said that the best option is Softisenil, and also told how to use this drug. I applied the product as the doctor advised and completely got rid of the inflammation. Now my legs are fine - there are no cracks in the heels, my nails have recovered. I liked this drug.


Elvie Gottlieb

“I knew that fungus usually causes nail problems. But I had no idea that cracks and various rough areas on the heels could also be associated with this process. In general, when I found out that I had a fungus, it had already become chronic. But the drug Softisenil perfectly coped with the task and eliminated the disease. I didn’t even expect that the treatment would last only 4 weeks.”


Hortense Spencer

“Everyone liked the drug Softisenil - the composition, the price, and the fact that the order was delivered directly to my home. The product turned out to be fast-acting and easy to use. For the first time I underwent treatment without the use of drugs. The fungus was eliminated within 1 month. At the same time, I didn’t have to go to the hospital, and the symptoms subsided even before the course of therapy ended.”


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